Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a magical natural treasure whose beauty and special properties make it unique in our world. After a comprehensive research and development process, we have identified four main sources of materials that address different skincare needs and create one perfect solution: Dead Sea water, Dead Sea salt, black mud, and Dead Sea plants.

Together, these ingredients give skin the vibrancy, moisture, elasticity, energy and texture we all want to have.


The main ingredients come from the shores of the Dead Sea and from the nearby Judean desert which are unique to this area: Dunaliella - a micro-algae that exists only in the water of the Dead Sea and provides vitamins and other ingredients that protect skin from UV rays, Salicornia Europaea - a plant rich in Vitamin C, calcium and natural silicone that promote skin firmness, Rose of Jericho - a desert plant that provides protein and moisture to the skin, Desert Date Palm Oil - rich in Omega 3, Lypidami Myrrh - a known anti-oxidant with calming properties; and Feverfew is a desert plan that helps purify and protect the skin.