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Everyone around the world has already fallen in love with our Scrubs Collection.

Discover our Body Scrub Stories
Discover our Body Scrub Stories
The Body Scrub
Secret Recipe

98% natural origin, Vegan, our Body Scrub is the perfect fusion of healing Dead Sea Salts and 4 precious beautifying botanical oils. It melts into the skin and leaves it smooth and baby-soft.

The Dead Sea salts have the richest composition in 21 natural minerals, rich in magnesium and calcium.

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Secret Recipe
Rich in fatty acids and Vitamins, it helps improve skin’s softness with a unique silky effect.
Specially adapted to sensitive skin, it has unique soothing properties.
Its composition close to natural skin’s sebum helps nourish the skin.
Considered as a super food, it helps revitalize the skin.
Dead Sea Salts
They gently remove dead cells, polish the skin and deliver mineral micro-nutrients essential to healthy skin and cell renewal..
Body Scrub Secret Recipe Stories

Our Secret recipe has made everyone falling in love.
See the stories to know why.

Daciana | RO
Liron | IL
See Body Scrub Benefits Stories  See Body Scrub Benefits Stories
The Body Scrub
Is Your Best Ally

Exfoliation is the ultimate beauty secret.

Over time, dead skin cells build on the surface causing pores to clog and skin to look dull. Exfoliating is a way to slough off these cells, so skin looks brighter, cleaner, and more radiant.

Your Skin will love:

The 2 in 1 effect on your skin: Polish + Nourish.

The immediate amazing silky finish.

Beyond cleanliness, your skin is perfectly refreshed, detoxified & free of impurities and oxygenated.

New skin sensation: instantly smoother and radiant.

Body Scrub Benefits Stories

The benefits of our Body Scrub is a known fact.
Here it is from fellow Body Scrub lovers.

Monica | US
Kim Joon | KR
Mădălina | RO
Alba | ES
Eli | HK
See Body Scrub Fragrances Stories  See Body Scrub Fragrances Stories
Your Body Scrub
Your Fragrance Moment

Close your eyes. Focus on the moment. Smell the delicate fragrance. The world has stopped existing. Yet your senses are wide awake.

Our Body Scrubs collection comes in 10 different scents that will travel your senses around the world:

Delicate Jasmine
Citruses Blossom
Green Rose
White Tea
Lavender Apple
Ginger Orange
Mango Kiwi
Patchouli Lavender Vanilla
Rose Tea
Body Scrub Fragrances Stories

Each fragrance is loved for different reasons by different people.
Click and see why.

Mar | US
See Body Scrub Package Stories  See Body Scrub Package Stories
Body Scrub
Loves The Planet

We believe sustainability is a contribution for a greener planet.

Vegan, 98% natural origin, our Body Scrub doesn’t contain any plastic microbeads. It is composed with Dead Sea salts that are natural gentle exfoliators.

Designed in a glass jar, our Body Scrub is infinitively recyclable and reusable.

All of our jars can give life to a new décor idea, for amazing botanical compositions and reduction of our waste.
Don’t throw out the beautiful glass jar from your Body Scrub,

Reuse and Relove it!
Body Scrub Reusable Jar Stories

Our Reusable Jar is just another reason to fall in love even more.
See the stories to know why.

Vladimir | CZ
See Body Scrub Secret Recipe Stories  See Body Scrub Secret Recipe Stories
Fall in love
With our Scrubs Collection

Our indulging Body Scrub will change your exfoliating experience, and leave your skin soft and silky all day long

Discover our
2 in 1 Face Polisher

Continue with the key for a healthy skin with our 2 in 1 face polisher leaving the skin clean, soft, supple, and balanced.

This innovative Face Polisher:

A vegan non-drying formula. Sulfate, Paraben Mineral oil and Silicone free

Enriched with Dead Sea minerals

The Mint Face Polisher providing an immediate cooling sensation

The Lavender Face Polisher providing calmness and deep relaxing effect

Discover 2 in 1 Face Polisher
Discover our
Ultimate Scalp Scrub

Start your hair routine with our ultimate Scalp Scrub, a 2 in 1 treatment for revealing beautiful and healthy hair.

This innovative Scalp Scrub:

Removes all dead skin cells and toxins

Stimulates and oxygenates the scalp’s cells

Enriched with 3 botanical oils for nourishing and protective benefits on the hair

Provides an Immediate cooling sensation of freshness

Discover Ultimate Scalp Scrub