Payment Methods

Before finalizing the order process, you will be asked to choose your preferred payment method. You have 3 possible payment methods:


  1. Cash on Delivery

    With that option, the products will be delivered to the requested destination address with a fiscal document, such as fiscal note or invoice. The payment will be given to the agent.

  2. Credit Card – Online Payment

    Credit card billing will not be done by SABON, but via PayU. If you choose to pay for the order with credit card, you will be transferred to the PayU site and you will be requested to fill in the details for the payment method. The form is short and the process is quite time-saving.


    After finalizing the form, you receive the order and payment confirmation from both SABON, and PayU.


    No additional fees or taxes will be applied!

  3. Bank Transfer

    As soon as the order is finalized, you will receive a confirmation mail from SABON. This mail includes a payment instruction and SABON bank information. Your order is confirmed, processed and delivered only after the money reaches our bank account.


    In order to make the process shorter, upon payment you might send us the payment approval by fax or mail.