How to set and achieve your personal goals!

How to set and achieve your personal goals!


 The most important step in achieving personal goals is to identify them correctly. Let’s know clearly what we want and send our whole intention in that direction, without detours and stops. 


As soon as we identify exactly what we want and what is our object, goal, burning desire, we have to hold on to it! Metaphorically, obviously! That means not to let anyone deviate from our plan, to divert us from the path we have decided to follow, to tell us that it is not good or right or useful to us.

Whatever you want and feel wholeheartedly is the right direction, go for it, no matter what other people say. And this does not translate into stubbornness, but rather through self-knowledge, through the correct identification of the objective as mentioned above.

Visualize with your mind’s eye your goal already accomplished!

It is said that it helps us a lot to sensory perceive the goal we have, to bring it into the present reality as if it had already been fulfilled. For example, if you have established your intention to have a certain car, close your eyes and already imagine yourself behind the wheel of it. Feel the smell, touch the upholstery, choose its color, the features you want, visualize in your mind how you are already on the highway, with your favorite song on the radio. Go through all the stages and senses that would come with that car!

Discussion with the inner self, visualization and determination constitute 90% of success. Do this for at least 5-10 minutes every day!

You can also use a "vision board", a kind of panel or collage on which we have images with specific details, pictures and statements that represent everything we want to be, do or have in our lives, whether it is about a vacation, a job, a house, a car, a new figure or a beautiful family.

Also choose inspirational words, a positive statement, ie a spoken or written word, which you can repeat to yourself as a mantra, especially when negative thoughts and pessimism seem to make their presence felt in your mind.

Use the law of attraction!

The law of attraction refers to that concept which is based on the principle that Americans call "like attracts like." You attract what you are, what you think, what you feel, what energy you release in the Universe, more precisely.

Positive thinking, optimism, total confidence in your plan, the certainty that it is a matter of time until that goal will be achieved can be very helpful in achieving it effectively!



How to set and achieve your personal goals!