How to keep kids away from screens while you work from home

How to keep kids away from screens while you work from home


Children don’t really understand what "I don’t have time", "I’m working now" or "I’m tired" means. They have energy, ready to play, they ask questions and they want attention. Which, if not offered, is quickly replaced by the rich offer of the phone or tablet screen ...


If you work from home and have the little ones around all the time, you can set a daily schedule to include play breaks, no matter how short. Children need to be attentive all the time, they hate to feel ignored, and an addictive game, even for ten minutes, can be fun for them, but also a break for mental relaxation for you.

So, what activities can you do with the little ones at home, other than letting them spend hours on TV or with their phone in hand?

Puzzle time!

This game develops both the cognitive and motor functions of children and puts their minds to work. Psychologists say that solving a puzzle helps children to coordinate and improves their attention and concentration. It is advisable to choose the number of pieces according to the age of the little one, so that he does not bother if he does not manage and does not take days to complete his realization.

You can make the activity even more fun by doing a custom puzzle together. Find out what the little one’s favorite picture is (it may be a cartoon character), order a puzzle game based on it, then rebuild it with him.

Color the small one!

Buy coloring books with your kid to his liking, or print pictures of his favorite cartoon characters from the internet and then color them with crayons. Or you can set different themes together for the whole week, and draw the theme of the day each day. For example: Monday - fruit, Tuesday - birds, Wednesday - animals and so on ...

Cookies? Yes, please!

Prepare a cookie dough in advance and when the play break comes, spread a sheet on the kitchen table, put the apron and the party cap on the little one (it will be such fun!) And give them funny cookie shapes to cut the dough. Then enjoy with your family the wonderful taste of the goodies you baked together!

Where is the treasure?

With a little imagination, you can create an authentic story in which you and your kid start looking for a hidden treasure right in your bedroom or living room. Make a map on which the treasure is marked with an X and leave clues. The little one will surely have fun trying to unravel the mystery and find the precious object hidden from you - it could be something sweet or a toy he has long wanted!



How to keep kids away from screens while you work from home