Top 5 indoor sports – simple ways to stay in shape at home

Top 5 indoor sports – simple ways to stay in shape at home

 In winter it seems that it is more and more difficult for us to go to the gym, especially after a tiring day at the office. No problem, there are enough physical activities to do at home!

If the cold or the restrictions keep you away from your favorite park or gym, you can organize your training program right at home - you need equipment adapted to sports in the living room and you also need... yes, will!


Miles on the bike and on the treadmill

Treadmill is ideal when you are thinking of doing sports at home or when the bad weather does not allow you to run in the park. The advantages would be that you can run at any time, in any kind of equipment, even between two tasks, if you have a job that involves working from home. The stationary bike is ideal for training every day, it helps you lose calories, tone your muscles, but it takes up quite a lot of space in the house and puts a lot of pressure on your joints.

Both the treadmill and the bike help you lose weight, if you want, to tone your muscles and keep fit. The more often you exercise, the more visible the results will be.

Step by step on the stepper

The mini-steppers take up very little space, but they contribute a lot to cardiovascular health, through the aerobic processes that take place in the body while you walk ... on the spot, but putting the muscles of the legs, joints and lungs to work.

At the beginning and at the end - a little stretching!

Before, but also after a physical activity, it is recommended to prepare / relax your body through a stretching session! Stretching exercises are important for muscles and joints. They also help you to regain the flexibility and mobility lost after sitting long hours at the office. On YouTube you can find many stretching exercises that you can do in the privacy of your home, on the mattress, even while watching your favorite series.

Yoga for body, mind and soul

Yoga exercises (postures / asanas) are especially effective for the body and mind, and you will feel their benefits even after a single session. If you have the opportunity to create a relaxing space at home, with scented candles, aromatic sticks or specific ambient music, the moment will be even more satisfying!

Dancing is normal at any age

If you like to dance, you love music and you are not a fan of hard training at gym, you can lose enough calories through zumba or ballet. Beyond the benefits for the body, through dance you develop your sense of rhythm, coordination on the melodic line, balance, skill. Dancing helps to shape the personality, to stimulate creativity, but also to maintain the intellectual and physical tone. Play the music...



Top 5 indoor sports – simple ways to stay in shape at home