Thank you letter for 2021

Thank you letter for 2021


 Without a doubt, 2021 was not an easy year! Many people have lost their confidence, their smile, their health or even their loved ones. But the thought of a better future is what keeps us going.


When you have no choice but to be strong, to keep your courage and optimism, you can more easily overcome the difficult moments. Like any other event, we can look at this second year of the pandemic from the point of view of the full glass or the empty half.

Of course we can despair and cry and pull the shutter of the windows. Or we can try to identify everything that has happened to us good and beautiful this year, and for that we propose an exercise: a letter of thanks for all the good things of 2021. And we will start, and we hope that you will find yourself in our list of blessings.


"Dear 2021,

We don’t know if you were better or worse than 2020, but you were undoubtedly a year of new challenges. A year of adaptation, of tolerance, a year that taught us to cherish every day and to consider it a gift. Therefore, we have received 365 gifts this year and thank you for them!

We have learned that we must not take for granted anything that happens to us, because life is as unpredictable as it is beautiful when you learn to enjoy it.

In 2021 we enjoyed more than ever any moment spent with friends, any hug of our parents and kids, any smile of loved ones.

Maybe we traveled more difficult, which is true, because of the restrictions, but even more we appreciated every breath of fresh air, every sunset and sunrise, and we received them with joy, as precious gifts.

Many of us worked from home this year, therefore, we rarely saw our office colleagues face to face, but we luckily we had Zoom and other applications through which we were able to get together and exchange ideas and plans that turned into beautiful projects. 

Before the pandemic, maybe we couldn’t find much time for workout, meditation or a proper beauty routine. Everything was on the run and we were skipping essential steps for our well-being. This year we invested in us the time saved not going to the office, turning it in quality time given to ourselves. And thank you for that, dear 2021!

Thank you also for making us check our health more often, thanks to you we took vitamins, we excercised more, whenever the opportunity arose, we ate healthier, we enjoyed like children every outing in nature, any hiking or swimming in the sea.

We mark another year in which every goal achieved has been more deeply appreciated than ever and in which the well being of our loved ones is a reason for deep gratitude. Another year in which we realized that it is more important TO BE than TO HAVE! Thank you, 2021!


Thank you letter for 2021