How to stay positive in shorter days

How to stay positive in shorter days


 Yes, it is already dark at hours when, a short time ago, we were preparing to go out for a lemonade, in spaghetti strap dresses. But autumn for sure has its charm!

Autumn also comes with specific asthenia, optimism levels down to sea level and just a big desire to stay in bed, with the remote control next to us and the curtains drawn. But you can learn to appreciate nature in its warm colors, to smell the fresh perfume of rain and wet grass. A simple walk in a park with a loved one can make you feel good instantly!

But sometimes, a good comedy is all you need on a bad day! Serotonin levels rise, unpleasant emotions disappear and you will have a peaceful sleep. You can really take this moment to another level and you can organize a weekend tv marathon with your boyfriend or best friend watching soap movies and comedies. Among the popcorn and chocolate with meringue pamper yourselves with a relaxing lavender face mask, for a complete anti-asthenia autumn therapy!

On the other hand, cooking can help you relax and free your mind from negative thoughts! How about a plum tart, a pear sponge cake or an apple pie, now that you have a friend visiting you and it’s time for goodies in the oven?

Aromatherapy for relaxation

Lavender-scented bath salts help eliminate daily stress, relax and lift your mood. Relaxation prevents the onset of autumn asthenia, being a good remedy against apathetic states and lack of energy.

Lavender is probably one of the best and most commonly used essential oils, due to its fresh and floral aroma. Lavender essential oil is excellent for improving attention, reducing stress, agitation and alleviating insomnia.

Put a few drops in the aromatherapy lamp, in the bathtub water or simply drip 2-3 drops of lavender oil on your palms and then take a deep breath. Relaxation and good mood install instantly!




How to stay positive in shorter days