Skincare tips at the end of the winter

Skincare tips at the end of the winter


We love winter, but not its effects on the skin: irritated, dehydrated, dull skin. Here are some ways to successfully remove them!

Beyond the fairy snow, Christmas movies and stove holidays, winter means dry skin, which loses its elasticity and, in some places, irritated due to thick clothes. Plus brittle hair and rough hands!


The combination of cold, low humidity, wind and artificial heating inside causes excessive drying of the skin, as all these factors accelerate the loss of water from the tissue. Dry skin can range from mild forms with dull, dehydrated skin and an unpleasant feeling of lasting skin, to severe forms with cracked, flaky, reddened skin and itching.


Here are some tips that can get you out of trouble at the end of winter:


Avoid hot showers


In winter, we love long showers or hot baths, especially after a walk many degrees below zero or a day on a ski slope. But, the more a hot shower relaxes us, the more it hurts the skin, because it removes the lipid, moisturizing film of the surface. However, you can alleviate the feeling of dry skin using gentle cleansing products, as natural as possible and rich in moisturizing ingredients, and later lotions and body creams that nourish the skin and restore its elasticity.


Beware of cosmetics with alcohol!


If you have dry and sensitive skin, try to completely eliminate cosmetics that contain alcohol. Opt for highly moisturizing, non-alcoholic lotions, serums and creams that contain cocoa or shea butter, natural oils, omega 3, 6 and 9, vitamins and other nutritious ingredients. The eye area also needs special care: apply a moisturizer in the morning and evening, without exception, because this will prevent the appearance of wrinkles!


Take care of the fineness of the lips


The lips and nose do not contain sebaceous glands and dry first, and to avoid unpleasant situations in which the lips actually bleed and the nose peels unsightly, insist on moisturizing these two areas. In winter, be careful not to miss the lip balm in your bag!


Hair and hands suffer in the cold season


Hair and hands suffer a lot from dry air, hats, gloves. Use moisturizing shampoos and masks to protect your hair so that it does not lose its shine and vitality. When the hair is wet, after washing, and especially when you are getting ready to leave the house, apply a few drops of moisturizing oil on the hair. It does miracles! For the hands, choose creams-treatments, rich, which quickly penetrate the skin and nourish it deeply.


Diet for "repairing" the skin


It also treats the skin from the inside, consuming as much as possible foods rich in omega3 acids, unsaturated fats, vitamin E, antioxidants (fish, nuts, peanuts, avocado, coconut and olive oil, flax seeds). In winter we tend to drink less water in favor of hot drinks (tea, cocoa, coffee), but remember that water, drunk often and in small sips, is the best moisturizer.


Skincare tips at the end of the winter
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