“Diet” for a supple skin

“Diet” for a supple skin


Prepare your complexion for holidays! For beautiful, in good “shape” skin, pamper yourself with an intensive regeneration and rejuvenation treatment next week!

Just as we act to lose a few pounds right before a special event - not a very healthy procedure, use it strictly occasionally or better not at all - so we can act a little more forcefully to restore skin’s radiance, suppleness and beauty, after a stressful period. Ll for being in shape and looking great in the New Year’s Eve pictures! The difference is that a fast "diet" for a beautiful complexion does not hurt, if we act delicately and use the best products. Here’s what you have to do!


Daily exfoliation
Removing dead cells by exfoliation gives your skin instant shine and vitality, but all advice urges you to moderate and use this procedure once, a maximum of twice a week. If you want to intensify the skin regeneration process, you can exfoliate the skin daily, but only with products that allow this. Try an exfoliant with a slight abrasive effect, which leaves the skin clean, soft, supple and balanced, without any irritation.

Texture serums
There are face serums that act over time and serums that take effect after the first applications, and you can use them in the "diet" week, when you want to see immediate results. Here’s what you can use:
• Serum with Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), a serum that acts in depth, restoring the skin’s brightness in a few days;
• Intense moisturizing serum (with hyaluronic acid, glycerin, xylitol) that keeps water in the skin and restores the elasticity of dry and tired skin

In the evening:
• Serum with peptides - relaxes the skin, relaxes muscles and improves the overall appearance of the skin;
• Booster with niacinamide - serum that addresses oily, acne prone skin and large pores - quickly improves the texture and appearance of the skin;


Morning facial massage
Every morning, after cleansing, exfoliating and applying treatment serums, pamper your skin by applying a moisturizing, nourishing or anti-wrinkle cream (depending on your age and skin type) with a few massage movements that intensify peripheral blood circulation, drains lymph, deflates the skin and restores its suppleness and firmness. Here’s a simple technique: gently pinch all areas of the face, then massage the cheeks from the jaw line up. With the fingertips, massage the lips, the skin around the mouth, then the wings of the nose and forehead, from the center to the temples.


“Diet” for a supple skin
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