Wonderful ideas for reusing the scrub jar!

Wonderful ideas for reusing the scrub jar!


The glass holder of your favorite exfoliant can become a beautiful home decoration, an ingenious gift or a "jar of happiness". Here’s how!

So, after the great content of the jar is finished, we wash the jar very well, remove the original label and get to work!

The body scrub jar can become a mini pot for dwarf cacti or small succulents. We can also grow aromatic plants in it (basil, rosemary, thyme, coriander, mint) or lavender, which will not only perfume our home, but we will also have fresh condiments at hand when we cook.


Decorations and storage

Body scrub jars can also become great holders for scented candles. On the bottom of the jar we can place white pebbles or shells, and in the center, a scented candle. Let your imagination run wild!

Small items in the bathroom, such as cleansing diskettes or hair elastics, can be kept in such a holder that can also be used as a support for makeup accessories or ear sticks.

A great idea is to turn an empty jar of exfoliant into a sewing kit, in which to store buttons and bowls, and in the lid we can put a pillow in which we keep the needles.


Holiday memories

If you like to collect beach stones or seashells, an empty body scrub jar can be perfect for storing precious holiday memories. Fill it with pebbles, shells and small photos and turn it into a wonderful decoration: for a rustic touch, tie the jar with a string, and for a feminine and elegant look, choose to decorate it with colorful ribbons.

You can "dress" the whole jar in string, on which you can then stick colored shells or buttons and thus get a nice support for pencils, makeup brushes or other small objects.


The home garden

In a glass jar we can make our own terrarium with succulent or aerial plants. Terrariums are arrangements that contain plants, natural moss, tree branches, stones, sand, shells, tree bark, cones and other natural elements.

A simple idea for making a terrarium involves an empty jar of body scrub, pebbles, potting soil and small plants such as cacti or succulents. To start, place a layer of pebbles on the bottom of the pot, useful for drainage, then a layer of potting soil, without pressing. Put the plant in the center and fill it with soil. For a splash of color, you can also add colored sand, over or under the layer of stones. It is very beautiful, does not take up much space, is eco-economical and you will have a splendid mini-garden right in the house!


Reasons for happiness

A simple, ingenious and useful way to enhance your emotional state is to fill an empty body scrub jar with reasons for happiness. Every evening, for a month, write on a colored note a reason why you smiled that day. It can be a compliment received, a good grade at school for your child, a meeting with a dear friend, any small (or big) joy. Put that note in the jar, and at the end of the month, reread all the notes, to relive and appreciate even more those passing moments, but full of good energy and meaning!


Wonderful ideas for reusing the scrub jar!