10 minutes face yoga for a firm and relaxed skin

10 minutes face yoga for a firm and relaxed skin


 If yoga is great for the body, when we need to relax the muscles, find out that it has excellent effects on the skin as well!

We have about 50 muscles in the face, which also need relaxation and ... exercise, just like the legs or arms.

Stressful moments leave marks on our face because the skin is harder to oxygenate and the muscles of the face are tense. Over time, this leads to wrinkles, dull appearance of the skin, lack of brightness and firmness.

More recently, a new form of yoga has emerged, a skin rejuvenation technique called facial yoga, which promotes a series of exercises that decongest the facial muscles, giving you a fresher, youthful look.

The exercises have the role of stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis, and to help the skin even more, you can use a serum or a facial oil.

A ten-minute daily exercise program can wipe out two years of face in just a few weeks, especially for middle-aged women.

For the cheeks:

Inhale deeply and, with your mouth closed, blow the air inside your cheeks, so that the skin on the outside is stretched as much as possible. Repeat the exercise five times. Continue pulling your cheeks inward, like drinking with a straw. Hold the position for a few seconds, then release. Exercise stimulates the muscles of the lower cheek.

To reduce bags under the eyes and dark circles:

With the help of the index and middle finger of the same hand, far enough to form the letter V, gently press the inner end, respectively the outer end of each eyebrow. Look at the ceiling and raise your lower eyelids so that you look cross-eyed. Then relax. Repeat this exercise six times.

For smoothing the skin:

Choose a comfortable position and rub your palms together until they warm up. With very light smoothing movements, massage the face with upward movements. Repeat 2-3 times. Finally, cover your eyes with your palms, pressing your eyelids lightly over your eyeballs.



10 minutes face yoga for a firm and relaxed skin