Your spring skincare routine for a refreshed complexion

Your spring skincare routine for a refreshed complexion


 In the spring, we slowly give up the heavy creams that protected our skin from the cold, and we turn to serums and lotions with light textures.

The season is changing, spring allergies are taking over, sleep is being affected, and all of this often has disastrous effects on your skin. Spring also acts as a restart for the skin, not just for our mood! It is the ideal time to restore the skin’s radiance and freshness through a new care routine.

Bye, bye, impurities!

Skin cleansing is the first step in your care routine, regardless of the season! Whether you prefer a cleansing lotion, a cleansing oil or a light foam that removes impurities and sebum, your skin needs cleansing in the morning and evening. With religiosity!

Gentle exfoliation? Sure you do!

One step that continues to be important in your skin care routine is exfoliation. You can choose napkin-type masks with this effect, abrasive creams or chemical scrubs (salicylic acid, glycolic and lactic acid), depending on your skin type and its problems. For example, if you experience rosacea, it is not recommended to use abrasive scrubs.

Exfoliation, as it is known, helps the skin to breathe! Specifically, it removes dead cells, clears pores, improves fine wrinkles and superficial sun hyperpigmentation, stimulates the production of collagen and ceramides, improves and prevents the appearance of blackheads. Great, isn’t it?

Hydration and hydration again!

After exfoliation, the ritual competes with thermal water or natural water enriched with precious plant extracts. It will immediately soothe the skin and prepare it for the next step: applying a serum, a lotion, masks and moisturizer.

Proper hydration helps the skin stay supple and fights fine wrinkles. Spring is the time to use lighter moisturizers and give up heavy, thick textures in favor of light ones. Moisturizes just as well, no worries!

Hello, sunshine! But with protection!

What if it’s just spring, sunscreen never gets out of hand! You can try a moisturizing emulsifying cream with SPF as high as possible, because it will allow you to nourish the skin from a lipid and hydrophilic point of view and to protect it, at the same time, from harmful solar radiation.




Your spring skincare routine for a refreshed complexion