Quality time in 2 – how long is too long?

Quality time in 2 – how long is too long?


Everybody talks ab out quality time spent in the couple, but what does it mean? That you breathe every second shoulder to shoulder with your loved one or that the few hours spent together require intensity?

There are couples in whom even after ten or twenty years of marriage, boredom does not seem to have settled. Or maybe the two learned the lesson of happy appearances so well, that they wrapped the routine in a seemingly romantic form of attachment. For example, couples who work in the same field of activity - are co-workers - and spend every second of the day together and accept only projects for which they can team up. Is this what the ideal relationship looks like?


Less is more when it comes to love?

True love has nothing to do with an unhealthy type of attachment, say the statistics full of cases in which couples who seemed glued end up ugly divorcing. On the other hand, notions such as "personal space", "independence", physical and emotional "detachment" do not seem at all compatible with the idea of ​​a happy couple. The time devoted to the relationship must be dosed in such a way that the vibe meant to keep alive the supreme feeling - love - is not affected. This category includes erotic desire, the joy of reunion and trust: feelings that, through a strange and sometimes incomprehensible paradox, can only be activated in the absence of the loved one.


The quality over quantity

There are different perceptions of the quality time spent in the couple. In general, women tend to be more "sticky", more dedicated to life in two, and men more often feel the need to escape outside the couple, escaping not necessarily meaning infidelities, but the desire to spend time alone or in the company of other men. What do we have to do in this case? Maybe we should relearn the lesson of self-confidence and the trust in the one we fell in love with. Let’s fine-tune the desire for physical closeness, so as not to become too overwhelming. But also let’s detect as early as possible the prolonged absences that could ruin our relationship. How? With the help of the one next to us, talking or reading between lines, continuously establishing what the priorities are in our couple and when it is necessary to be just a half, in order to become, with even more dedication, a whole.

Yes, it’s difficult, but who said love is easy?


Quality time in 2 – how long is too long?