The Power of The Present - live Now, be Authentic!

The Power of The Present - live Now, be Authentic!


Authentic means that the mind, soul and body are in harmony. When what you think, what you feel and how you act are in balance, life can only be happy!

Life with a mask (and we are not talking here to protection against viruses) is exhausting!

Authenticity is closely linked to one’s personality, spirit or character and can also be translated into the ability to be transparent and to value the present time and what you have and can offer NOW.

Sometimes, driven by past regrets and fear of the future, we experience situations in which we act differently than we feel, stifle our true feelings, think too much about what the people may say, and decide to act differently than our heart dictates. Sometimes the mind has to listen to the heart and not the other way around!

Not taking always into account what others say does not mean selfishness, but living authentically, in harmony with our own life principles, with our most intimate emotions, with what our soul dictates from its deepest parts, even if the world could have a different opinion. The world has its life and we have ours! Authenticity involves conscious decisions and choices based on self-knowledge.

A first step to get rid of the undeniable influences around us would be to refine the environment around us, from social media to people in our real lives.

You can unfriend / unfollow accounts that you don’t resonate with, forced friendships that don’t do you any good, and you can limit the number of compromises in real life as well. It is not necessary for everyone to tolerate everyone or to mimic friendship with everyone. Is not natural, after all!

Rather than a bad company, which charges us negatively, it forces us to change everything that defines us or make us feel guilty for what we really are, deep down, better chose a very healthy unfriend.

A periodically uninhabited, dirty house cannot be a welcoming house, can it? So, how can a life suffocated by lack of authenticity, fears, constant self-blame, lack of self-love and trust be ready to receive good energies, beneficial people or positive events? Impossible!

In conclusion, to be authentic means to be a committed, serene person. Make peace with the past, cultivate your optimism for the future and embrace the present with your whole being! It’s the only time that really belongs to us.


The Power of The Present - live Now, be Authentic!