You are beautiful when you see life with pink glasses

You are beautiful when you see life with pink glasses


„Think positive“ is a colloquial phrase we have adopted and use often and studies shows that positivity, optimism, looking at the glass half full make us look our best!

Optimism should start from within. A hopeful confidence that things will be good. Hopeful does not mean we hold a delusional belief that everything will be great and wonderful all the time.   It means, as the brilliant writer Oscar Wilde wrote: “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”
Putting a newfound focus on adding a little optimism to our lives benefits us tremendously in many areas and it can also make us beautiful. Here’s how it works:

Optimism on your skin
Several studies show that there is a link between optimism and stress reduction and we know that lowering your stress benefits all your organs, including your skin. Also, less stress = slower aging process. You’ll look younger, more vibrant, glowing and healthier by choosing to look at the world through pink glasses. The other way around, if you take care of yourself, your skin, if you offer yourself little moments of pampering every day, your mood will change for the better, and you will notice that you look to the future with more hope.

Beauty from within
Your good health of your mind and soul is greatly improved by optimism and has also the greatest impact on your beauty. If you choose to focus on the best parts of yourself and of live, you will appear more beautiful in eveyone’s eyes.  If you own who you are, everything about you will radiate beauty.  It’s that little spark of magic that goes beyond anything a cream could ever offer!

Focus on what you can control
Beyond beauty, optimism can give you a better life. There are so many things we cannot control, especially in these difficult times, but if we choose to respond to the things we can’t control with that hopeful confidence that everything will be ok, our beautiful selves win.


You are beautiful when you see life with pink glasses