10-minute workouts for newly moms

10-minute workouts for newly moms

10-minute workouts for newly moms

Pregnancy involves important changes not only in the mother’s psyche, but also in her body! Here’s how to get back to your pre-pregnancy figure in a fun and healthy way!

The pressure that a new mom can feel to look like a top model as soon as she gives birth to a baby can send her to the gym far too early.

No matter how much you want to get back to your former figure before you get pregnant, it is not advisable or healthy to stress your body with strenuous exercises. Especially if you gave birth by C-section!

Be patient with your body!

First of all, seek medical advice! And the guidance of a movement specialist so that the joints regain their strength and elasticity, in the safest conditions for you!

The first exercises can be done immediately after the birth of the baby: these are the Kegel exercises recommended by your doctor or midwife during pregnancy, so useful in retraining the pelvic muscles.

Another thing you can do as soon as you feel comfortable is walking. There is no need to accelerate, to force yourself, at least not now, at the beginning, before the check-up performed at the doctor six weeks after the birth, but it is useful, practical and healthy to go out as much as possible every day and walk 30 minutes a day - or as long as you can, without feeling exhausted. 

Simple and effective

Here’s an example of a ground exercise that won’t take you more than ten minutes! To strengthen the abdominal muscles, to provide better back support and to relieve back pain: lean on your palms and knees, make sure your knees are aligned to your hips and your palms to your shoulders; straighten the column; bend your back for a few seconds, arch your back and hold this position for 20 seconds, then return to the starting position. Repeat five times.

If you gave birth by cesarean section, reserve the first 6-8 weeks after birth for Kegel exercises and walks. It is advisable to wear a special abdominal belt to encourage the muscles to return to their place.


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