How the MOON affects your sleep

How the MOON affects your sleep

What until recently seemed like a myth and was considered a superstition is now a scientifically proven fact: our circadian rhythm is somewhat synchronized with the phases of the Moon!

And when you can’t close your eyes all night or have a restless sleep, don’t be surprised if you find out later that has been Full Moon!

We humans tend to believe that we have somehow managed to control nature, and the use of artificial light to regulate ourselves - or rather, disturb sleep, is a great example of this. But it seems that there are some forces of nature that we cannot escape ...

A study in Switzerland shows that on full moon nights we fall asleep much later than usual, even for those who have a strict bedtime schedule. The deep sleep phase is reduced by about 30% and lowers the level of melatonin, the hormone that promotes sleep and regulates wakefulness cycles.

In addition, research shows that men are more sensitive than women to the phases of the Moon and fall asleep much harder when the Moon is full.

"The lunar cycle has an influence on human sleep, even if we do not see the moon, and study participants were not told whether or not the moon is full," said experts who coordinated a Swiss study that showed the link between the moon and sleep.

On the other hand, the influence of the Moon on animals, especially marine ones, is well known, given that the full moon regulates reproductive behavior.

There are rumors that the gravitational force exerted by the Moon changes the effects of gravity on the glands and organs of the human body.

And if we can’t change anything about the Moon, we have... earthly methods at hand to improve our sleep quality:

- removing the TV and other electronics from the bedroom;

- keeping the phone at a distance of two meters, not on the night stand or worse, under the pillow;

- use of blinds or a curtain to block natural light;

- a lavender-scented room air freshener, spraying lavender-scented bedding;

-  avoiding sweet foods after 19.00. And there is no room for coffee or drinks after 4 pm!


How the MOON affects your sleep
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