An invitation to love

An invitation to love


It is the month of Valentine’s, in which we make plans to surprise the loved one with proofs of affection, but do we need special days to celebrate love?

What do you think of when you hear the word love?
For some, the face of the loved one will appear, for others the face of the grandmother or mother, for some, their pet or the best friend, for others a color, a rainbow, a flower or a song may appear...
The Greeks had many words for love. Eros is the love between the sexes, which has a predominantly physical part and always involves sexual love. As Aristotle said, eros begins with a look, with something that pleases the eye. Philia is based on mutual respect and trust and refers to an intimate and delicate relationship of body, mind and spirit, love for our friends. Storge refers to the love between parents and children, the love between family members, is based on familiarity and is often unconditional. Agape represents universal love, the love of everything around us, unconditional, divine love.

What if we celebrate love every day?
That romantic dinner we’ve been planning for a few months to impress our Valentine’s Day partner, the effort to find exactly the gift we know he wants takes a few days... but what about a coffee brewed with love every morning, a kind word, a smile and a shoulder to lean on? What about amazement at the beauty of a drop of dew, the joy of seeing a dear friend after a long time, all this happens every day on the path we have chosen to call life.

And so that we can offer love every day, let’s not forget to offer ourselves every day a little self love and self confidence. An old Turkish proverb says that In his love for a Rose, the gardener becomes the slave of thousands of thorns and yes, maybe we will encounter thorns, obstacles, prejudices, opinions of those around us, but this should not stop us from saying yes, every day, to love.


May you always be inspired by the most magical feeling!


An invitation to love
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