How to get a laugh everyday and why is so important!

How to get a laugh everyday and why is so important!

 Laughter is said to be the best antidepressant, and its benefits are real and scientifically argued, not a placebo effect.



Find out that laughter, even for a few minutes, releases endorphins, the "hormones of happiness" in the brain, which enhance well-being.

A good, wholehearted laugh relieves physical tension, anxiety and stress, leaving your muscles relaxed even 45 minutes after the laughing session. So it relaxes the whole body and not just the facial muscles, another beneficial effect of laughter. In addition, it strengthens the immune system, because it significantly reduces the level of stress hormones and increases the activity of immune cells and antibodies that fight infections, thus improving disease resistance.

Laughter is a natural antidepressant, because laughter activates the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin, the same chemical in the brain is stimulated by the most used types of antidepressants.

Laughter is contagious

Surely it has happened to you at least once in your life to have a bad day and, as soon as you saw someone laughing heartily, in the subway or even in a movie, to get infected too. Without realizing it, in just a few minutes, your state of mind has changed!

Even if we don’t know the reason, every time we meet someone who laughs, we also have a smile on our face or we really laugh.

Laughter is essential for the health of your relationship

A study showed that women laugh about twice as much as men, but the latter are the ones who arouse moments of laughter. At the same time, most of the women asked what they love about their life partner answer "sense of humor". In turn, men claim to be attracted to women who laugh often and greedily.

Laughter saves you from anger and prolongs life

Nothing drives away anger and conflict faster than a good laugh.

A study in Norway showed that people with a strong sense of humor lived longer than those who did not laugh as much in their lifetime. In addition, a few minutes of laughter a day improves the function of blood vessels and increases blood circulation, protecting you against a heart attack.

Laughter yoga

Laughter therapy and "laughter yoga" are techniques that involve breathing exercises and forced laughter, which turn into genuine joy when participants realize how ridiculous they are. The study conducted on this topic showed that laughter therapy improved at once the mood of the participants and lowered their anxiety level for a long time!



How to get a laugh everyday and why is so important!