Get your home spa special treat with one amazing SCRUB!

Get your home spa special treat with one amazing SCRUB!

Exfoliation can make the difference between a smooth, fine skin a dull one. And if you make out of skin exfoliation a real SPA event, pampering is also guaranteed!

Exfoliation is far from being an unnecessary step in your skin care routine. Many people associate exfoliation with an occasional visit to a beauty clinic or SPA, but why not bring the SPA home?

The scrub is not only necessary for softening, but also for preparing the skin for further treatments. A clean skin, free of impurities, without blocked pores and dead cells, absorbs nutrients from serums and creams much more efficiently. 

Why exfoliate the skin

The abrasive particles in the scrubs exfoliate the skin and help to improve the blood circulation, an effect that helps, for example, in the fight against cellulite.

The scrub can also have a moisturizing role, if the product contains precious botanical oils that revitalize the skin and keep it glowing and velvety.

The Dead Sea salt granules in the body scrub gently remove dead cells and regenerate the skin, leaving it soft like a baby skin.

Important to note: the body scrub is not to be used on the face, because it can be too aggressive, and the face scrub can be ineffective for the skin of the body, due to much too fine particles. 

How to use the body scrub

The body scrub is recommended for any skin type, especially for dry skin, but be careful not to apply it on injured skin, because the encounter between an open wound and salt is not very pleasant! Always insist on the elbows, knees, heels and cuticles because the skin tends to dry out excessively.

It is advisable to use shower gel or soap before exfoliating and not after that, because you remove the precious oils from the skin and thus deprive it of extra hydration and a sensational scent, which will make you feel like a diva even dresed in your pajamas!

If you do not have a special foot scrub, you can successfully use the body scrub for the feet, it is also very effective!

After exfoliating the skin, apply a body butter or a light moisturizing lotion for a perfect satin effect! To enjoy the scent of the scrub for longer, you can choose to complete the ritual with a body cream from the same aromatic range.


Get your home spa special treat with one amazing SCRUB!
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