Suggestions for your happiest weekend

Suggestions for your happiest weekend


 If you don’t feel like leaving the house for a whole weekend or it’s impossible for you to go on a short vacation, no problem! You can relax wonderfully in the privacy of your home!

With a little imagination, we can create in our own homes an atmosphere worthy of the most successful and relaxing holidays. Your favorite playlist, an interesting tv show or a book that you have been postponing for some time can be the key elements of a perfect weekend at home.

And if the evening comes with a relaxing bath, with lots of foam and Dead Sea salts, you can’t wish for more! Light a scented candle - or more! - for a real SPA atmosphere!

You may have been dreaming of a complete pampering ritual for a long time, but children’s homework or tiring deadlines have kept you from enjoying it! So think about all those moments when you needed relaxation and offer yourself a #youtime now! Scrub, body lotions, scented oils, hair masks, complexion, hands, feet, serums.. put at work the whole arsenal of pampering!

It’s your well-deserved weekend!

You can do anything you want: wake up without alarm, cuddle in bedding as much as you feel, without any pressure that you HAVE to do something, drink a coffee or tea in peace and order your favorite food!

If you like to do sports but the weather is not friendly and and you don’t feel like jogging, on the internet you can find various yoga, stretching or aerobics programs, all very effective!

If you have already discovered the benefits of meditation or it has always seemed like an interesting method of relaxation, but you have not found enough time, you can include this activity in your special weekend.

And always end your physical training with a short reflection on love, peace, gratitude, kindness and compassion, invoking the feelings that give you a good mood and a boost of emotional energy.



Suggestions for your happiest weekend