The coolest hair gadgets

The coolest hair gadgets


They are beautiful, smart gadgets and give you a fairy hair. Today’s hair dryers, hair straighteners and curling irons incorporate modern technologies that offer the entire package: beauty, care and top protection for your hair.

We were often told not to use the hair dryer often, because can damage our hair. We used to whisper about using the hair straightner, so as not to be scolded that we were torturing our hair with it, and the old generations of curling irons have been the nightmare of curly hair lovers. Today, hair gadgets are sophisticated, multifunctional, protecting and beautifying your hair without risk.

Carefree hair drying
The hair dryer has long ceased to be a simple device for producing hot air. The latest generation devices have temperature and air flow regulators, prevent hair damage, protect the color of dyed hair and make less noise. And if you want to style while drying your hair, you’ll love the rotating brush, which dries your hair, stretches it or curls it - as you wish. The latest models of rotative brushes move in both directions, for easy handling and for a wide variety of styles, negative ions providing protection and shine, overheating being avoided.


Straigt, healthy, silky
These are the attributes of a perfect straight hair obtained with an ultra-performing hair straightner. The ceramic material on their action surface protects the hair, the ion treatment eliminates static electricity, the temperature is finely regulated, and the EHD + (Even Heat Distribution) technology distributes heat evenly, preventing the appearance of hot spots harmful to the hair.

High-performance curling technology, adorable curls
Remember what happened many years ago if you held the curling iron plugged for too long? Only with scissors you could repair burnt, extremely damaged hair! The new curling irons, due to the adjustable temperature and the ceramic surface, help you to get supple, natural-looking curls every time.


For extra protection
Even if new technologies help us to use these gadgets safely, a little extra protection doesn’t hurt. Use a nourishing conditioner or a hair mask after washing, and after styling apply a leave-in protective serum along the entire length of the hair.


The coolest hair gadgets
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