Flower Therapies

Flower Therapies


Flowers - delight for the eyes, balm for the soul, but also real natural remedies that can improve your well-being and health. Here are some therapies whose starting point is the beauty, the fragrance and the vital energy of the flowers.


Essential oils extracted from flowers contain volatile compounds that offer valuable therapeutic benefits: they reduce anxiety, stimulate dopamine production (the well-being hormone), relieve pain or stimulate memory. A few tens of minutes spent in a fragrant flower garden can have the same beneficial effects, so it’s never too late to become a loyal "customer" of a botanical garden.

- Apple flowers combat the headaches

- The smell of roses is relaxing and creates a romantic mood

- The linden blossom fragrance has a slightly sedative, soothing effect

- Lavender fields are true antidepressant medicines


Bach Therapy

Dr. Bach, a famous English homeopath of the 1930s, believed that the electromagnetic radiation of the sun impregnates the dew on the flowers with healing energy. Thus, he laid the foundation for a therapy that heals your body by healing your soul. The Bach method does not treat physical ailments, but rather spiritual conditions that lead, in time, to the weakening and disease of the body. The therapy comprises 38 remedies that reach the root of each emotion. For example, fear can manifest as fear of reacting to negative stimuli, shyness, panic, bad dreams, the fear that your loved ones may experience something bad, insecurity, hypersensitivity.

The dew collected from the flowers and prepared according to a recipe invented by Dr. Bach is collected in small containers, from which the patient is given at regular intervals a few drops, according to the instructions of a specialist. The healing solution can also be applied externally, to the wrists, behind the ears, to the temples or it can be added in bath water.


Arranging flowers, as therapy

The art of creating floral arrangements does not belong exclusively to the florists - we can also learn to bring beauty and peace to our lives. Floral arranging techniques teach you to make harmonious bouquets of flowers, to master the skill of merging different colors and aromas to obtain elegant and durable floral arrangements. And the result will not only be seen in your home, but also in the way you will learn to look at things from positive perspectives, temper your negative emotions and have more patience with yourself and those around you. So, if given the opportunity, do not skip such a class.


Flower Therapies
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