Fitness challenge for 28 days

Fitness challenge for 28 days


 At home you can work out any time, you don’t need fancy equipment, it doesn’t cost you a fortune and you can choose the background music. We suggest you exercises for the whole month of February!

If you are just starting out, set your goal to do 30 minutes of cardio workouts at least three times a week and 20-30 minutes of endurance workouts three times a week.

And if you opt for sport in your own living room, we can help you with a few easy exercises to get in shape, in a 28-day program. Let’s begin!

Day 1. Lunges on the spot

Make sure your feet are at 90-degree angles in the lowest position, where your knee reaches 2-3 inches off the floor.

Day 2. The lower bridge

On your back - just lift your buttocks and abdomen. Press on the heel while keeping your back straight and your abdomen tight throughout the movement. Do not touch the floor between repetitions and raise your hips as high as possible.

Day 3. Ten push-ups

If you can’t do ten correct reps, try making push-ups with your knees on the floor.

Day 4. Side plating

Lie on your side, with your forearm below shoulder level, your body raised and your legs outstretched, your feet on top of each other. Keep your body straight, your abdomen tense, and place your free hand on your hip. Hold the position as long as you can then change parts.

Day 5. Abdominal exercise

Lie on your back, keep your arms close to your body and raise your legs to 30 °. Bend your knees and at the same time lift your upper body. Get down again and so on!

Day 6. Squats for the buttocks and legs

Stand with your feet apart, facing outwards, and your hands folded. Lower your body until your legs are at a 90-degree angle to your thighs. Hold for a few seconds, get up and repeat ten times.

Day 7. Exercise with the fitness ball

Sit on your back on the floor, with your feet on the ball and your hands outstretched next to your body. Gently lift your pelvis so that you feel your abdominal muscles tense, then return to your starting position.

Day 8. Full body crunch

Lie on the mattress, lean on your hands and raise your legs to 30 °. Hold the posture for a few seconds. Bend your knees, then stretch your legs to the side.

Day 9. Various knee bends

Raise your hands to your ears and move your legs apart, then lower your body to kneel. Stand up, twist your body to one side and lift one leg at the bust. Sit slowly in the kneeling position. Repeat for the opposite direction.

Day 10. Jumping rope

A childhood game that is both an effective exercise in maintaining fitness and burning fat. You need a sturdy fitness jumping rope – and then you know the drill!

Day 11. Jumping Jacks

From an upright position, with your legs close together and your knees slightly bent, jump without detaching yourself too much from the ground, and bring your feet to the side and your arms above your head.

Day 12. The dwarf’s walk

Kneel with one leg, keep your hands at the bust and imitate the running or walking of the dwarfs. Two steps forward, two steps back.

Day 13. Yoga

A yoga workout incorporates an intense workout with or without meditation. The movements have a low impact on the joints and can be performed by almost anyone.

Day 14. Stretching

Stretching is a form of exercise that helps to relax the muscles or flex a certain tendon, in order to improve muscle elasticity.

Day 15. Biceps with dumbbells

Sit with a small dumbbell in each hand, arms sideways, feet at shoulder level. Rotate the dumbbells so that the palms are facing the body. Take a deep breath and when you exhale, lift the weights as you contract your biceps.

Day 16. Triceps with dumbbells

Sit with a dumbbell in each hand, keep your knees slightly bent, and lean forward with your spine straight. As you exhale, keep your arms close to your body as you straighten your elbows, pushing your forearms back and exercising your triceps.

Day 17. Butterfly strings

Sit with your arms outstretched in front of you at chest height, hold an elastic band between your hands so that the band is parallel to the ground and pull outwards.

Day 18. Running on the spot

It is an exercise used to strengthen the femoral muscles and buttocks. While running on the spot, move your heels back in a straight line until you hit the bottom, not sideways. The thighs should remain almost perpendicular to the ground.

Day 19. Angels on the wall

Sit with your bottom, back, shoulders and head firmly against a wall. Stretch your arms above head, with your body firmly pressed against the wall, and then slide your arms against the wall until they are a little below your shoulders.

Day 20. Classics for abdomen

Lie on the floor and place your feet on a chair, resting them up to your knees. Lift the upper body, the effort being made by the abdominal muscles, not the neck.

Days 21-28: repeat the exercises that worked best for your needs and made you feel the most fit in the first 20 days!



Fitness challenge for 28 days