The secrets of feminity

The secrets of feminity


There are women who do not walk, but float. Women who smell of spring, who arouse passions and sweet envies, who can light even the darkest room with a smile. What’s their secret?

In fact, they have many secrets, and the good part is that they are within the reach of any of us, it depends on each one of us to what extent we discover their magic and penetrate their meanings. The mysteries of femininity make up a ritual of beauty and care that is not at all complicated, but which is required to be followed strictly every day, without being a chore, but an occasion for joy and pampering.


Beautiful from head to toe

Women who turn all heads have smooth skin, silky hair, velvety hands, impeccable manicure and baby-like heels. For them, the key word of the daily care ritual, in addition to perfect hygiene, is hydration. It’s simple: use a pH-neutral gel or soap, and when it comes to shampoo and conditioner, choose the best quality, because it shows! After the shower, give yourself half an hour just as ‘you time’ to clear your thoughts and pamper yourself from head to toe with body lotions that nourish and take good care of the skin. It has been scientifically proven that when you are alone with yourself and pamper yourself with a variety of products, the brain secretes endorphins, hormones of well-being. It’s that simple...


A style only yours

Fashion is capricious and, unfortunately, many women fall victim to trends that do not suit them. In the age of famous brands, the only difference between a well-dressed woman and one that clothes don’t make her any favor is style. So not the bank accounts or the name on the label. To never fail in terms of clothing, remember the basic rules: do not mix more than three shades in the same outfit, do not wear anything just because it’s trendy, add a fancy item (a scarf, a brooch or a hat) to your outfit and, most importantly, feel good in your clothes and in your skin!


Candor and self confidence

Asked what makes women irresistible, most men didn’t answer, as you might think, ‘big breasts and round buttocks’. No, they said they are drawned to women who feel good about themselves, who love themselves and know how to love without restraint. A woman who is in control of herself and in harmony with those around her is warm, wise, smiles broadly, feels bright and always looks impeccable. The conclusion? Take care of the outside, but also of your inside. Feel beautiful every day and look lovingly and indulgently in the mirror: others see in you exactly what you see.


The secrets of feminity
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