DON΄T do this while exfoliating!

DON΄T do this while exfoliating!


By exfoliation, the dead cells are removed and the skin becomes softer and brighter, but here’s what you need to avoid before, during and after this cosmetic procedure.

Exfoliation of the skin can be done mechanically, with the help of creams containing solid granules, or chemically, with the help of cosmetic acids with exfoliating effect, such as AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids) and BHA (beta-hydroxy acids ).

As we age, the rate of natural renewal of skin tissue is slowed down, so we need to help the skin give up dead cells to make room for new ones. However, the beautiful and fine skin exposed after exfoliation is also an extremely sensitive skin, that is why a well done exfoliation means avoiding situations in which we could do more harm than good to the skin.


Do not exfoliate immediately before and after direct exposure to sun rays

Freshly exfoliated skin is a skin sensitive to UVA / UVB rays, so the application of a cream with maximum SPF and especially with photo-protection is essential to avoid the appearance of spots, allergic irritations and sunburns. On the other hand, fresh skin exposed to the sun, red, tanned skin, may suffer from too aggressive exfoliation, may be left with scars or dark spots. It is best to exfoliate the face in autumn and spring and pause this procedure during the summer.


Do not exfoliate acne-prone, irritated skin

Acne can benefit from cosmetic procedures that involve exfoliating the skin, but these must be done at a beauty salon by specialized personnel, otherwise acne lesions can be aggravated, not cured.


Do not use more than one exfoliating method at a time

In order not to do more bad than good to the skin, don‘t subject the skin to several simultaneous exfoliation procedures. Therefore, do not combine mechanical (scrub) exfoliation with chemical (acid) exfoliation.

Mechanical exfoliation, an excellent procedure for cleansing and revitalizing the skin, is done by applying the facial scrub with slow circular movements (from the chin to the forehead and from the middle of the face to the hair line). Avoid exfoliating the delicate area around the eyes, that sensitive skin can be easily damaged by abrasives.


DON΄T do this while exfoliating!
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