Eye area under microscope: gestures & habits you need to adopt or drop now

Eye area under microscope: gestures & habits you need to adopt or drop now

Eye area under microscope: gestures & habits you need to adopt or drop now

We are tempted to associate wrinkles in the eye area with aging, but they are not always related! There are many reasons why the skin around the eyes can wrinkle, age is not always to blame.

The fine and sensitive skin in the eye area is the first to be affected by the passage of years and harmful environmental factors, but also by some habits that we consider trivial.

The loss of collagen is the reason why the skin begins to look devitalized, without tone and uneven, the fault is the passage of time, excessive exposure to the sun, without glasses with sun filters and a cream with a high SPF or an incorrect care routine.

Wear sunglasses and don’t rub your eyes

Sunglasses also protect the muscles around the eyes, which contract when it’s bright outside and promote the appearance of wrinkles.

Rubbing your eyes when you’re tired is another bad habit that, in addition to wrinkles, can also lead to inflammation and an aging skin texture. We don’t always notice this with the naked eye, but under a microscope, the skin around the eyes looks like a war zone after rubbing with our hands.

Carefully remove eye make-up

Removing eye makeup, especially when we’re talking about waterproof or transfer products, can be traumatic for the delicate skin in that area! Always opt for special eye makeup remover lotions and creams. They have gentle formulas that are friendly to the eyes and the skin around them.

To remove makeup and impurities, you can use a very soft towel or a cotton disk to gently massage the eye area. Never rub your eyes when you want to get rid of mascara, because that way you are doing a lot of damage to the very thin skin around them.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach

Because of the pressure that builds up around the eyes and on the face, the skin is much more prone to wrinkles when you sleep on your side and it’s worst when you sleep on your stomach.

Sleeping on your back is recommended as it prevents and relieves back pain and acid reflux, but it can also help prevent wrinkles.

"No" to scrubs, "yes" to eye creams!

When using a face scrub, always avoid the eye area! Do not under any circumstances attack the sensitive skin of the eyes with such products! Instead, be sure to apply a special care cream daily. The dedicated formulas provide more than hydration: they soften fine lines, have a wrinkle-filling effect, reduce dark circles, and prevent premature aging.


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