Simplify your life in 3 easy steps!

Simplify your life in 3 easy steps!


 In order to be able to truly enjoy life, the specialists advise us to reduce its complexity and organize ourselves in such a way as to have enough time and energy for the really important things.

And the process of detoxifying life could be divided into three chapters:

1. Home detox

Detoxifying the home means purifying the energy in the house with light, scented candles, music or essential oils, and better organization of the space.

Thus, check all the drawers, cabinets, storage boxes, any decorative objects, all the trifles gathered over the years, and throw away or give away everything you no longer need or don’t please your eyes anymore. Old and useless things store not only dust, but also negative energy. Your home is a sanctuary, a magical place to relax after a stressful day and not a storage space!

2. Soul detox

It is not an easy step, but be guided by the idea that you are the most important person in your life, the best friend, confidant and support, the person who offers you everything and who in turn needs unconditional love, forgiveness and understanding. Starting from here, do your best to behave as you would with your best friend, to forgive yourself when you make a mistake, not to condemn yourself, to say to yourself “it’s okay, next time it will be better”.

Detach yourself from people you don’t feel on the same page with you, don’t force friendships or love relationships, don’t insist on knocking on doors that don’t open for you. Meditate, pray, do sports, get involved in activities that bring you more serotonin and less stress.

3. Job detox

Regardless of what you do for living, it is very important to work with passion and pleasure, otherwise work can turn into a chore that will consume a lot of your vital energy. It is never too late to identify exactly what really brings you satisfaction, for what job you would wake up, smiling, every "unbearable" Monday morning. An idea would be to put on paper everything that makes you unhappy with your current job and find solutions to evolve in your career, to make a change or simply to feel more comfortable in the office, around the people you work with. 



Simplify your life in 3 easy steps!