5 must do Easter crafts and activities for your little ones

5 must do Easter crafts and activities for your little ones


 The Easter holiday is near and the children are eager to welcome the Easter Bunny, who comes loaded with sweets and toys. Here’s how to make their waiting easier and... creative!

So, dear parents, let’s play! You will be amazed at how relaxing it will be for you to have fun activities with your kids - the joy and excitement of the little ones are contagious!

So what can you do with the little ones while waiting for the Easter Bunny?

Egg hunting

One of the most beloved Easter traditions for children across the ocean is "The egg hunt". It is a children’s game (and not only) organized on Easter day or around this holiday. Adults hide colored eggs in the grass, around the house, in the house or even in the car, and the children start looking for them, the entire adventure being filled, of course, with laughter, fun and good cheer.

Spoon or disposable glasses bunnies

Attach paper ears, specially cut and colored, to the disposable spoons to look like bunny ears, then draw their eyes and mouth, and the mustaches can be carefully made of glued threads. Of course, you can also cut clothes from colorful napkins to dress these bunnies. The children will be delighted!

The recipe is repeated for the glasses: paper ears, eyes, mustache. Maybe even a cute bow tie. Use your imagination!

Easter decorations

Teach and help the little one to create and decorate textile eggs, Easter decorations that you can keep from one year to the next, to remind you of the first objects made by your child. They can be eggs made of various textile materials on which you all may glue figurines, lace, ribbons, beads...

Hand-painted eggs

Let the little ones play with his imagination and decorate the most beautiful eggs for the Easter table! They will be so excited to see their artwork on the holiday table and will eat everything from the plate!

Chocolate bunnies

Make your little one a sweet surprise, prepared by yourself or, better, by the two of you together! Prepare the ingredients of the best homemade chocolate together, put on your aprons, masterchef hats and get to work! Choose silicone shapes for bunny-shaped chocolate and the fun is guaranteed!



5 must do Easter crafts and activities for your little ones