5 rules for a dreamy body

5 rules for a dreamy body


A dream body means, above all, an accepted, loved and cared for body. There are no standards or patterns that we have to fit into, because beauty means uniqueness!

Sometimes it happens that we pay full attention to our skin and pamper it with sophisticated serums, masks and creams, and for the rest of the body we never find time. Or mood. And yet, the skin is the largest organ, and its total area exceeds 1.5 square meters. So weigh how big the area we sometimes neglect is compared to the skin we give all our time to, every morning and evening.

And because the bikini body is not obtained on the eve of the summer season, but day by day, regardless of the season, here are the five simple rules that we can take into account to feel even more comfortable on the sunbed:


1. Drink enough water

One of the most important rules for a bright, firm skin, without cellulite and water retention is the correct hydration! Strive to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, the first of them in the morning, on an empty stomach. If it helps, you can also add lemon. Don’t wait to get thirsty, because then your body is already dehydrated and we don’t want to get there!


2. Exfoliate the skin weekly

Whether you have dry or oily skin, exfoliation is wonderful and helps the body cleanse itself of dead cells and various impurities that suffocate it. Once a week, exfoliate the skin, because this procedure also stimulates blood circulation, and the skincare products applied later are much better absorbed.

Do not neglect the heels and every time you use the body scrub, insist on the elbows, knees, but also the heels. There are also special foot scrubs, with slightly more abrasive particles and rich in nutrients for this very dry area.


3.Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize again!

A firm, velvety, radiant skin is a deeply hydrated skin! Regardless of its type, the skin must be hydrated after each shower. Try to maintain this ritual for a long time, say a month, and once you see the differences, daily hydration of the skin with oils and creams tailored to the specific needs of your skin will become a treat and not a chore, as you may sometimes feel.

Applying moisturizing products also involves a gentle massage of the body skin, and this is a long-term benefit in itself. Thus, through studied movements we can achieve a drainage of the lymph, which means goodbye water retention, cellulite and swollen feet!

And if we choose pleasantly scented products, skin hydration is elevated to the rank of pampering of all the senses. Velvety and wonderfully scented skin at the same time!


4. Also take care of your figure

A constant focus to your physical appearance can sometimes be categorized as narcissism. But no, it’s about self-respect. After all, the body is the "place" where we spend most of our lives and deserves the best fuel to function at optimal parameters.

So, at least once a year, try the effects of a detox on your skin, if you do not have the power to eliminate fast food, juices or excess sugar from your diet. At least ten days, in the spring, eat healthy and stay away from temptations. Includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, whole grains, probiotic-rich dairy products, extra virgin olive oils.


4. Get moving!

Sport activates the hormones of happiness, tones our muscles, helps our heart and gives us energy. Regardless of the type of movement, whether it is a walk in the park, jogging, swimming, ballet or simple exercises, performed on the mattress at home, sport means a beautiful silhouette and a step closer to the body we dream of.


5 rules for a dreamy body
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