Tips to choose the right perfume for you

Tips to choose the right perfume for you

Tips to choose the right perfume for you

Choosing a perfume can be an impossible task, especially if you don’t know exactly what scents you like. Or if you like them all! Here are some ideas to guide you in finding the right perfume for you!

Each of us has a specific skin PH, which means that the same perfume can smell different depending on the person wearing it. But there are still some criteria that you can use to guide you in choosing the perfume that defines your personality and elevates your mood whenever you wear it.

Choose the perfume according to its notes

The notes of a perfume are the aromas you feel as soon as you spray a perfume on your skin. Those are the primary notes, which after a few minutes disappear and give way to the middle notes, which remain on the skin for around half an hour. The base notes, stronger and richer, last the longest on the skin and are the ones we perceive until the aroma completely evaporates.

How can you find out what your favorite notes are in a perfume? The simplest would be to look on internet for the description of the perfume when you first feel it on your skin, and then you can relate to those aromas. And when you’re looking for a perfume, the easiest way is to look for perfumes with notes of vanilla, freesia, rose or whatever scents you fell in love with.

Do not test several perfumes at the same time

Although you’re tempted to test as many scents as possible, once you get to a perfume shop, it’s wrong to do so for at least two reasons: the scents will blend into each other, and you won’t know which scent you like. Also, it’s best to test on your skin, not the blotter, because your skin will never smell the same as it does on that paper. Test a maximum of three in a day, and after each test, smell the jar of coffee beans you’ll finde in the store. The smell of coffee beans helps you neutralize the previous aromas.

Give a fragrance time to reveal itself to you

The first flavor of a perfume that you perceive is actually given only by the top notes. As the fragrance lingers on the skin, you will be able to perceive the middle notes and finally the base notes. Never choose or reject a perfume based on the top notes alone; allow it to linger on your skin for at least four hours.

Trust your own feelings, not fashion

Oud-based perfumes are popular and your girlfriends might love them, but it is not recommended to choose a perfume based on other people’s tastes. Just keep in mind what makes your soul happy!

Seasonal fragrances are a thing

You can choose between floral, fresh, gourmand, citrus, sweet perfumes... Some are suitable for spring and the warm season, respectively floral, delicate, light eau de toilettes. Others, vanilla, oriental and sweet are wonderful in the cold season.

Choose perfumes to match your outfit

The white color of your outfit will make a good team with the clean, fresh and innocent scent of citrus, lily, peach, rose and jasmine. Black demands sandalwood and bergamot, but also essences of hyacinth, gardenia, pepper, vanilla, patchouli. Red expresses energy, emotion and spirit and pairs perfectly with the aromas of orchids, mahogany, currants, ginger, musk and cedar wood.

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