Burn calories anywhere - working out while you work!

Burn calories anywhere - working out while you work!


If you also spend many hours at the office, in front of the computer, and you have no time left for working out, find out that there are some exercises you can do even on a busy day at work.

A 3-5 minute workout at the office, between two emails and a zoom-session, has enough benefits for well-being and posture. Of course, it is not the equivalent of an hour spent in the gym, but it is enough to keep us fit if the exercises are performed correctly and regularly. Thus, back, neck or lumbar pain can be alleviated, while you also burn a few calories!

Hydration is also very important! It is recommended to drink water every 30-40 minutes before getting thirsty, because when the feeling of thirst sets in, our body is already dehydrated.

Here are some examples of exercises you can do at the office:


1. Sitting on the chair, raise your arms and bend your right hand so that your elbow is close to your head and your palm is between your shoulder blades. You can put pressure on your elbow with your other hand. You will feel tension in the inside of your arm, but at the end of the 30-second exercise you will feel relaxed. Repeat the exercise with your left arm.

2. Also from a sitting position, place the ankle of the left foot over the right knee and bend your torso as far forward as you can, keeping the back straight. Lie on your knees, trying to reach the ground. Hold the position for 15 seconds. Repeat with the other leg.

3. To relax the spine, you can try the following exercise: turn to the left and hold the edges of the chair with your hands. Hold the position for 20-30 seconds, then change sides.

4. For the legs, you can do the half-lift: sitting on the chair, with your hands outstretched in front, you rise slightly, but not completely, and then sit back in the chair. Or you can very well do the classic knee bends for a few minutes.

5. For the abdomen: sitting on the chair bring your knees to your chest, holding your palms to the sides of the chair. The back should be straight and attached to the back of the chair. Repeat a few times.

6. Lifts on tiptoes, standing. Try 30 lifts, with breaks between them and you will strengthen and tone your calf muscles!


Burn calories anywhere - working out while you work!