Best spa for your feet - get ready for sandals!

Best spa for your feet - get ready for sandals!


 The sandal season has already set in and for many of us, worries about the heels that need extra-softness and extra-pampering are reappearing.

Fortunately, there are enough tricks so that nothing prevents us from wearing the most low-cut shoes!

Improper hydration, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, certain diseases such as diabetes and thyroid disease or poor foot care are just some of the situations that give us an unpleasant appearance of the soles.

Extremely unsightly and even painful, in some situations, cracked heels are a first impediment to wearing your favorite sandals.

What can you do

1. First of all, give up the uncomfortable footwear, made of poor quality materials, which favors the abundant perspiration of the feet, which does not allow the feet to breathe and which favors the multiplication of bacteria.

2. At the end of each day, soak your feet in lukewarm water with soap or shower gel, and exfoliate your heels with a pumice stone, a heel file, or a special heel abrasive cream. Then apply an intensely moisturizing heel cream.

3. Olive oil, sweet almond oil and argan oil work wonders for cracked heels, especially if you wear cotton socks at night.

4. There are special socks on the market for exfoliating the soles, respectively for repairing very dry or cracked heels. They are, in fact, special masks for the feet, soaked with various intensely moisturizing substances, in the shape of socks.

5. Hydrate properly, especially during the summer! Two liters of water a day should be a rule, not an exception! Dehydration of the body results in both cracking of the heels and drying of the cuticles. So, while treating the problem from the outside with the help of creams and oils, you also pay attention to the inside!

6. Cracked heels can be signs of vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin A and zinc. Therefore, a three-month cure with dietary supplements containing a wide range of vitamins and minerals is helpful not only in improving the overall appearance of hair, nails and skin, but also in softening the heels.



Best spa for your feet - get ready for sandals!