Beauty-therapies for autumn

Beauty-therapies for autumn


Autumn is the perfect season for skincare and beauty treatments. It is neither very cold nor very hot outside, the sun is gentle, the skin is more rested after the stress it went through during the holidays with hot sun rays, salt water and wind, and it is more receptive to therapies.

Pamper yourself, in autumn, with simple but effective skin care therapies that you can do at home.


Skin Exfoliation

It is one of the oldest beauty treatments and is able to instantly change the appearance of the skin, transforming it from a tired, dull skin to a soft, velvety, bright and much rejuvenated skin. The principle of therapy is very simple: by mechanical procedure, with the help of scrubs – creams and lotions with abrasive particles such as sand, salt, sugar etc. - or by chemical process (scrubbing with creams containing exfoliating agents), dead cells are removed from the surface of the skin and blood circulation is stimulated. After exfoliation, the skin color becomes uniform, the pores close, fine wrinkles are almost erased. Long story short, you look and feel great!


Applying face masks

Now is the time to nourish your skin with all the "goodies", by applying face masks rich in nourishing, soothing, energizing or deeply cleansing ingredients. In addition to the concrete effect, ie the benefits obtained on the skin, these masks force you to reserve time for yourself, to chill, to relax mentally. Not mentioning that only after ten minutes, you feel ten times more beautiful!



Theoretically, massage can be done in any season, but autumn is one of the recommended times of the year for more serious therapy, because the skin is now less sensitive, it is not sunburned, and one massage session per week (can be even self-massage) comes perfectly in addition to other skincare and beauty therapies. Following the massage, the skin benefits both from the effects of the mechanical action itself and from all the amazing ingredients present in the products that facilitate massage movements: body oils, moisturizers and aromatherapeutic products.


Beauty-therapies for autumn
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