Beach Waves - how to get natural, well-defined curls

Beach Waves - how to get natural, well-defined curls

These are those light curls that you seem to have been born with, although they are obtained by specific techniques and look great on healthy and shiny hair. Are you ready to find out their secrets?

Few hairstyles are more sensual and feminine than beach waves - a light and natural hairstyling that you can use not only in summer, at the beach, although the name makes you think of the jolly beaches full of beautiful girls in Miami. You can use this style for an outing in the city, and even for the office, on a Casual Friday.


What you need to get

In its final form, the hairstyle consists of large, light curls, which lose their shape towards the almost straight ends. The hair on which these curls look best is as if kissed by the sun. So start by sweetening and lightening your hair color with a few highlights, for extra brightness and dynamism. Do not use too strong contrasts, which look artificial: it is enough for the strands to be 2-3 tones lighter than the basic shade.


Two simple techniques

To get beach waves, use large curlers (choose 2 different sizes), but do not run the hair on the curler right from the tips – leave straight 3-4 cm of strand, depending on the length of your hair. Before styling, apply a light shaping foam at the roots, and an hair oil along the entire length of the hair.

The simplest technique for obtaining beach waves on long hair is by braiding it in two tails, starting the braid from the ears level and leaving the ends unbraided. You can sleep like this and the next day you untangle the braids and comb your hair only with your fingers, using a little shaping wax.


What do you do if your natural hair is very curly

In your case, the hair must be straightened beforehand. Use a hair mask after shapooing, to make your hair easier to work with. Dry it with a large brush and hair dryer or with a rotating brush, then follow the techniques described above. If the tips of the hair tend to curl, you can straighten them with a flat iron, to get that unpretentious finish of the lightest holiday look.


Beach Waves - how to get natural, well-defined curls
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