Tips to beat the autumn blues

Tips to beat the autumn blues


Autumn has a kernel of melancholy in its DNA anyway, but the one we are experiencing now comes with an addition of emotional insecurity and even sadness. Feelings that we can control through a few simple tricks, available to anyone.

It is up to us to be better mentally, to be less tense and to see the gloomy days in a brighter light. At least in our souls, we can prolong our vacation, we can escape mentally in spaces where we feel comfortable and which relax us after difficult work tasks or gray thoughts.


Don’t isolate yourself

Try as much as possible not to refuse meetings with friends, out or by zoom. It is important for the psyche to interact with your peers daily, to see and hear friendly faces and voices. Studies have shown that 20 minutes spent in the company of a a friend, for mundane but relaxing conversations, have an antidepressant and emotion-regulating effect.


Escape to nature

Take advantage of the beautiful autumn days and take walks in the park or hike in the mountains. The connection with nature is extremely important for mental and emotional balance, especially for those who live in large, crowded cities. Charge yourself with the positive energy offered by the fresh air, the wind breezes, the birdsong, the rippling of the flowing waters.


Help the body with supplements

It is not a shame or wrong to take supplements. Even if you have a healthy diet, the vitamins needed for well-being may not be assimilated in the necessary amounts, especially after a long exposure to stressful situations - so help your body with extra doses of magnesium + vitamin B, for combating anxiety and mental fatigue, with zinc, to strengthen the immune system or with the already famous ginseng, which helps the body to adapt to stress, whether physical or emotional.


Spend quality time ... with yourself!

It’s easy to fall into the trap of self-pity or inertia, but you can say stop, now is the time to think only of me! Book an occasional evening just for yourself and give yourself a few spa procedures as a gift: self-massage, scrubing, a warm bath in the light of scented candles. Caress your skin with the most refined creams and lotions, delight your senses with scents and textures that make you feel loved, pampered, important. I mean, the way you deserve to be!


Tips to beat the autumn blues