10 amazing things about roses

10 amazing things about roses

The rose, the most beloved flower in the world, a symbol of passionate love and pure romance, has its secrets. But they are revealed, petal by petal, to those who want to know the story better.

Here are some unique things you may not have known about the rose, the muse of our splendid Rose Tea collection.


1. The largest rose in the world is a giant rose grown in a greenhouse in San Onofre, California, whose inflorescence is 84 centimeters in diameter. At the opposite pole, the flower of the smallest rose in the world, the miniature rose, is like a penny coin.

2. The "oldest" rose in the world is believed to be 1000 years old. It decorates the wall of Hildesheim Cathedral, Germany, and its presence has been documented since 815. According to legends, that rose symbolizes the wealth of the city of Hildesheim, and as long as it flourishes, the city is prosperous. In 1945, Allied bombing destroyed the cathedral, but the rose bush survived. Its roots remained intact under the ruins and soon the flower grew again, rich and strong.

3. In 2006, David Austin, a famous rose grower, introduced to the world Juliet, a splendid rose, which he managed to obtain in 15 years and cost him 15 million dollars. Currently, Juliet is considered to be the most expensive greenhouse rose in the world.

4. There are no black roses. That dark shade of Dark Rose is actually a very dark red.

5. There are over 100 species of roses in the world.

6. Naturally, the rose flower becomes a fruit, similar to a rosehip. The fruits of certain species of roses are extremely rich in vitamin C and are used as an ingredient in the formula of many food supplements.

7. In 2002, a miniature rose called ’Overnight Scentsation’ was taken into space for studies to show the effects of low gravity on the smell of roses.

8. The largest private rose garden in the world is located in Cavriglia, Italy, and includes over 7500 varieties of roses.

9. The rose is one of the three flowers mentioned in the Bible. The other two are lilies and camphor.

10. Rose oil repairs capillaries, reduces inflammation, heals, moisturizes and softens the skin, and rose water cleanses, tones, invigorates and balances the pH, being a good treatment for dull skin and dry and brittle hair.


10 amazing things about roses
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