Stress management in 5 simple steps

Stress management in 5 simple steps


 It is not easy to live with stress and the worst thing we can do is get used to it. Stress is a constant in the lives of many of us, but the good news is that it can be kept under control!

Here are five simple steps to alleviate or even eliminate a lot of stressors from your life:

1. Think in perspective

No matter how stressful a situation may seem to you in its moment of "glory", ask yourself if it will matter in a month, a year or ten years. Think of other moments in the past, which stressed you enormously in their time, and now you look at them with amusement or indifference. It will shall pass!

2. Learn a relaxation technique

Physical activity also helps us to improve our well-being, being an effective method for reducing stress because, while exercising, it increases the level of serotonin (the hormone of happiness) in the body. On the other hand, meditation is a method of relaxation that generates very good results in the daily battle against stress. It involves getting rid of all negative thoughts and emotions, with the help of certain breathing exercises and more. Yoga, for example, combines meditation with various physical exercises.

3. Do laughter therapy

Choose to watch a good comedy, go to a stand-up show, search for funny clips on YouTube or go out for a coffee with friends who don’t lack a sense of humor. Laughter stimulates the production of endorphins and other neurotransmitters, with analgesic and euphoric effect. Laughter therapy claims that even a forced laugh can have the expected effects, thus "fooling" our brains that we are happy and obtaining effects similar to those of a genuine laugh.

4. Pamper yourself with a warm bath

Not only the mind feels stress, but also the body, and one of the most effective anti-stress methods is a warm bath. To complete the relaxation, light a few scented candles, add a few drops of essential oils with a calming effect and play your favorite songs. After the bath, moisturize your body and hair, apply facial masks, perfume yourself and guaranteed your mood will change for the better!

5. Don’t give up chocolate

Chocolate contains anandamine, a substance that helps us to be more relaxed and moderates the level of dopamine in the brain. Dark chocolate fights stress and anxiety, because it contains important magnesium resources, but it’s also a valuable ingredient for skin care. For example, a mask made of cocoa powder mixed with coffee promotes skin detoxification, gives hydration and radiance to the skin.



Stress management in 5 simple steps