From 20 to 40: Age is Just a Number

From 20 to 40: Age is Just a Number


At any stage in your life, your face tells your story. Accordingly, we recommend that you choose a cultivation routine that is right for you at each age. So come be updated accordingly.

 Age is just a number, and at each stage of life corresponds with your story - your face tells the story you want to tell about yourself at each stage of your life.

To create perfection, all you have to do is to adopt a care routine that includes several beautification steps depending on your skin age - what is right for you at the age of 20 will not be fitting anymore at age 30 or 40. Come and discover our beauty tips for beautiful skin at each age.

At age 20 - Maintain your skin’s shining appearance
In your twenties, you should concentrate on maintaining your beautiful skin, which is free of wrinkles and blemishes. The key is clean, moisturized facial skin.

What to do? You need to clean your face every morning and every evening and nurture it with light moisturizing.

What is recommended? Choose preparations that contain the codiavelane algae, which star in our Ocean’s Secret series. The algae are a unique ingredient that enriches the skin with intensive moisture and helps in renewing skin cells. Since the algae help to bring moisture to the skin they are the perfect ingredient for radiant, shining facial skin.

At age 30 - help reduce the first appearance of wrinkles
Your skin still looks beautiful, but the first signs of aging begin to appear at this stage, because this is exactly the time when cell regeneration and the production of elastin and collagen slow down. As a result, your skin may look and feel dull.

What to do? At this stage it is important to stimulate cell renewal and begin targeted treatment of the delicate areas of your facial skin. At this stage as well it is important to carefully clean and moisturize the skin and to add a moisture mask, recommended for use once a week.

What is recommended? The Dunaliella algae that can be found only in the waters of the Dead Sea, rich in vitamin C, calcium and natural vitamins that help firm the skin, is the perfect component for this age. You’ll find a complete product selection for this stage in your life in the Dead Sea series, which is recommended that you adopt now.

At age 40 - begin treating wrinkles
In the fifth decade of life, skin begins to sag, wrinkles become deeper and more pronounced, and it’s time to start using targeted products that will produce the most effective anti-aging results.

What to do? Here as well - cleaning and nourishing and use of moisture-rich products that help skin that has dried over the years, become limp and lost its elasticity and firmness.

What is recommended? Switch to anti-aging preparations - beginning with a cleanser, through serum, moisturizer, eye cream and clarifying cream containing the two biomimetic proteins found in the unique formula of our Secret of Youth series that fight visible signs of aging. Don’t forget to regularly apply to the cleavage area, which is the first to give away your chronological age...


From 20 to 40: Age is Just a Number